Sock Knitting Master Class craft book review

Sock Knitting Master Class – If you are into knitting socks then this is one book that you will turn to again and again for inspiration, hints and tips and just to enjoy thumbing through it.

Title – Sock Knitting Master Class
Author – Ann Budd
Publisher – Interweave
ISBN – 9781596683129

Top sock techniques…

The book begins with thorough coverage of the essentials of sock creation and design. Here you can learn how to design socks that will definitely fit, and understand how the various parts of a sock are constructed. There is also plenty of information on yarn, tools and so on.

Every aspect of sock construction is covered.  Including how much yarn you will need, different ways to cast on or off for maximum stretchyness, choosing yarn and so on.

The book is illustrated throughout with large, colour photos and clear line-drawn diagrams.

Close Up from Sock Knitting Master Class

Great projects to knit…

The bulk of the book is the 17 beautiful patterns. And they really are beautiful. I have spent a lot of time drooling over these. Many would make fantastic gifts, as well as being practical and wearable items of clothing.

The patterns are from a variety of experienced designers and cover a broad range of styles.

Featuring a variety of different techniques, styles and variations, knitting these lovely patterns would not only furnish you with some nice new socks, but add to your library of sock making skills. You can then use your new knowledge to create your own designs.

Because the emphasis is on how to adapt and design your own socks, you can create the patterns for any size foot, and mix and match to make easy yet unique socks.

There are both toe-up and top-down patterns included. Techniques and styles include cables, lace, colour work, entrelac and more.

After knitting all these socks, you will be equipped with the skills to knit just about any sock you could ever desire… and it will fit perfectly, of course.

Beautiful sock patterns

Plus a DVD Included…

The included, professional quality DVD features Ann talking about and demonstrating the various patterns and techniques from the book.

This is a genuinely useful bonus, as watching Ann working the different techniques can make it so much easier to learn a new stitch or skill.

Close up of Sock Knitting Master Class

Summary of Sock Knitting Master Class

“Sock Knitting Master Class” is ideal for the intermediate to advanced knitter who is looking for information on designing and customizing socks, new techniques and some great patterns.

If you are very new to sock knitting then you may be better starting with a book such as Ann Budd’s “Getting Started Knitting Socks” – Links below. I have this book too and have found it very useful.

Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd

If you are new to knitting, I recommend Knitting Know-How by Dorothy Ratigan & Judith Durant (click for my review).

Links on Amazon

Here are links to Sock Knitting Master Class and Getting Started Knitting Socks on (left) and (right).  If you purchase from these links I would get a small commission from Amazon for sending custom their way.  At no extra cost to yourself.  Thank you.


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Craft Book Review – “Sock Knitting Master Class” by Ann Budd
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