For the next few Sundays I will post a little hint or tip. Although they are called ‘scrapbook snippet’ they will of course be just as useful for card makers and other paper crafts.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Tin Teddy Sunday scrapbook snippet No 1 – Beginning Decoupage

If you are new to decoupage, but would love to give it a go, start with images that have strong, simple outlines. These are much easier to cut out and the end results will still look really great. There are lots of Tin Teddy graphics that are perfect for new decoupagers. Check out the TT Party Princess, TT Babies, TT Bathtime, TT Emergency Services or TT Sakura Blossom Fairy sets for beautiful but simple design

Be careful when using decoupage on cards, very deeply stacked images may need protection when posted, or push the card into a different postage rate band. Even just a couple of decoupaged layers can look really effective though, so often it is a case of less is more.

If you would like more information on decoupage, here is a Tin Teddy video tutorial with lots of information. Happy crafting 🙂

Begining Decoupage – Scrapbook snippet No 1

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