Originally posted on 20 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

1 – Use them as backing papers for your scrapbooking. If you have a printer that can print 12inch pages you can either use the 12″ versions, or overlap 2 of the smaller sheets in your graphics program before printing. If not you can simply print two A4 or Letter size pages and overlap them on your scrapbook page – or make a two tone page!

2 – Use your background papers as beautiful wrapping paper for gifts. You can make a matching gift card or use the same paper on a birthday card etc.

3 – Use Tin Teddy background papers to cover boxes. Ideal if you want a coordinated set. I cover cereal boxes to make my own custom magazine files.

4 – Cover a notebook, exercise or address book. You could add ‘patches’ of one of the other papers in the same set for a fun look. Or cut small squares from all the different backgrounds in the pack and make your own patchwork design!

5 – If you are familiar with a graphics program you can adjust the colours, resize or layer things over the top of your background paper before printing it out.

6 – Print the backing paper at a much lighter setting than usual to make a pale coloured paper. Ideal for writing on or as a backing paper for photos perhaps. You can mix this pale paper with the regular version for more effects.

7 – Print Tin Teddy backing papers on to ‘printable fabric’ (available from craft stores) to make fabric panels you can use in your sewing crafts.

8 – Origami and other paper folding! You could print a different backing paper on to each side of a sheet of firm paper. (If you have an inkjet paper, make sure the first side is very dry before trying to do the reverse! It is definitely best to use heavier weight paper.) Many designs lend themselves to tea bag folding and iris folding too.

9 – As well as using Tin Teddy background papers behind the pictures in your scrapbook, you can also cut mats for framed photos. Why have boring plain coloured card mounts when you can personalize them?

10 – Wallpaper! Not for you, for your dolls and doll houses! (Or bear houses, or mice houses or… well you get the idea). Pick a design that suits the scale or your house or room. You could also use some on the floor as carpeting or tiles.


I hope you have fun trying some of these idea, and coming up with lots of your own!

10 Things to Do With Tin Teddy Background Papers

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