We all scrapbook the big things like Christmas and birthdays and the first day of school. But sometimes there is simply nothing ‘big’ going on. Or perhaps you just want to do something a bit different to ‘the usual’.

Here are ten ideas of things you could scrapbook which you may not have already done. They are all very everyday, require little planning and no special purchases – and all would be great to look back on in five or ten years time.

1 – Your favourite TV programs. In a few years time will you still like the same ones –or even if they are still going!

2 – Your daily or weekly routine. What time do you get up for work? How many cups of coffee are required to get you going? What is your route to work? What day do you put the trash out? Which night is takeaway night?

3 – Take a photo (or photos) of a room in your house and journal about what is in it. Again it will be fun to look back on in a few years (and fashion changes) later. Why on earth did we have those curtains! Wow, look how small that TV screen is! Oh yes, I remember that hideous rabbit ornament.. didn’t your mother give us it?

4 – Your favourite clothes. Put them on and get someone to take photos, or hang them on hangers to take snaps. You could do a similar page for your children’s favourite clothes. This could become a yearly event and will build up into a fun series to look back on

5 – A treasured possession. Dedicate a page to the necklace that Auntie Mavis left you in her will, or the very worn teddy you have had since you were 2, or the collection of leather-covered buttons you bought in a thrift shop, or the home-made Mother’s day gifts your children made.

6 – A tribute to your favourite colour. You can include photos of things that you own in that colour – of things you would love to own (that royal purple Porsche). Journal about how long you have liked this colour and how you enjoy it in your daily life. Use lots of shades of your special colour on the layout for a unique looking page.

7 – Scrap a page about something VERY ordinary. How about a typical trip to the supermarket? Take a few snaps of the building and the things you bought, and include your till receipt on the layout. Embellish with images from packaging. Again this would be a fun layout to look back on in a few years. Wow, was milk really that cheap back then? Ooh, I remember when we used to eat that cereal for breakfast!

8 – Take photos looking in each direction from your house. Then mount and journal details of what each view shows. You could also include a little map (print out for Google Maps) to show where the views are looking. Maybe you can also finally find out what that tall building behind the school actually is?

9 – Take a photo of the eyes of as many family members as you can. Add them to a page and make sure you label who’s eyes belong to whom! Or… add little lift-up flaps for a fun ‘Guess Who’s Eyes?’ game.

10 – Print out the lyrics of a song that is special to you and mount on a page. Now embellish with things relating to the lyrics – of the mood of the song. This is a lovely way to preserve the memories of a child’s favourite song too. Or how about a doing this for a romantic ‘Our Song’? You can of course do the same thing with a special poem.

10 Things To Scrapbook – Scrapbook snippet no 5

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