Make it, Blog it, Profit! – New book for craft sellers, Now Available

Out Now! You have read that having a blog will help you sell the handmade items in your online store. You created a blog, or are about to, but have hit a stumbling block. What on earth should you actually

About Etsy Rank – a Useful Site for Etsy Sellers

About Etsy Rank - a useful site for Etsy sellers

Starting out on Etsy can seem very much an uphill struggle, and every day there is more competition to contend with. Etsy Rank is a very useful free-to-use website that can help even the most experienced sellers polish their shop.

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Ten Great Christmas Gifts for Teens from Etsy Sellers

  Let’s face it, some members of the family can be a bit trickier to buy presents for than others. And teenagers are often one of the trickiest to buy for. You don’t want to insult them with something they

Etsy Shop Critique and Review – now available

After a lot of preparation and research I am finally able to offer the Tin Teddy Etsy Shop Critique and Review for Etsy shop owners. I will look over your shop in detail, looking at all areas including your product

Ten Etsy Tagging Tips – Fix Your Etsy Tags

Etsy tags - Etsy Tagging Tips

Tagging appears to be one of the most misunderstood parts of setting up an Etsy shop. Here are ten handy tips to help you get your Etsy tags working how Etsy likes them to. 1 – Etsy tags should be

An Ode to Etsy SEO

Let’s talk about that subject, dear friend, It’s a scary one, oh, yes I know, Some call it bad, and some call it mad, And some call it just S.E.O.   But it really need not be so daunting, Let’s

My Favourite YouTube Craft Video Bloggers

Today I thought I would share with you the YouTube channels that I follow and watch regularly. These crafters all cover popular paper crafts such as stamping, colouring, card making, journaling and so on. Some of them also cover many

How to Make a Custom Box for Jewelry – Tutorial

Jewelry Box Tutorial

If you make jewelry or other small items for sale, or just like to make sure that the gifts you give are attractive, then this tutorial may be of use. I am going to show you how to easily make

Ten Tips for Tax Time

Tax Time Documents

Ten Tips for Tax Time – Most crafters who sell their wares need to declare their earnings to the tax man. Make sure you have found out what the rules are for the area in which you live so you

A Receipt with your parcel – yes or no?

A receipt with your parcel? Yes or no?

A regular question on the Etsy forums is whether one should enclose a printed receipt when sending out the items you sell online. Here are some of the reasons why I include a receipt with sales from my vintage shop