Title – The Great Zentangle Book – Learn to Tangle with 101 Engaging Patterns
Author – Beate Winkler & Friends
Publisher – Quarry
ISBN – 9781631592577

Although I have other Zentangle books, this one caught my eye as being very useful – and indeed it is.

The book is 140 pages long and 10″ x 8″ in size. The first 12 pages cover what Zentangle actually is, the materials need and how to get started.

101 Great Patterns

The patterns are presented in a very clear format. For each pattern there are step by step diagrams of how to form it, together with a finished example and some samples of pieces of art that include the featured pattern. Some variations may also be included.

Whilst some of the tangles were ones I had seen before, I was impressed at how many new ones were included. This made the book a very handy addition to my Zentangle library.


The tangles are divided into two sections. The first being “beginners” and the second “tangles for the master class”. However, they are all clearly described so one would be able to tackle the “master class” ones with just a little practice.

And More…

The final part of the book includes a section of “Questions and Answers”, a list of “Good Reasons to Tangle”, a glossary of technical terms, an article on Zentangle Inspired Art, tangling swaps and classes. Finally there are handy links to other resources and a list of the “friends” who contributed artwork to the book. A handy gallery of all the featured tangles is at the back, with page numbers so you can quickly go find the tangle.

I am very pleased with this book. It has lots of new, fresh tangles that I am enjoying using in my artwork. Many lend themselves to customization and variation too. I believe this book would be equally suitable for a new Zentangler or for the more experienced artist.

This link leads to the item on Amazon.co.uk. If you purchase it from this link then I would get a small commission from Amazon for sending customers their way.

The Great Zentangle Book by Beate Winkler – Craft Book Review
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