TTStorageBoxOver the years I have tried many different ways to store my rather large collection of stamps. I have put them in drawers, and albums. I have stuck them on sheets and hung them on racks. But I was just never really happy with the systems and found that I was not using many of my stamps because I had forgotten what I actually had and could not remember where things were stored.

Early last year I moved over to a new way of storing the bulk of my stamps. Most of my collection are small sheets of stamps.

Here is a short video showing the storage box I use and how I keep my stamps safe and to hand in it.

My wooden backed stamps are still in drawers, awaiting a better solution. I also have a few A4 sized sheets of stamps, these are in a magazine file. I have cut up a few bigger sheets to enable them to fit in the CD holders though.

After about 8 months of using this system I have to say I am very happy with it. My stamps are divided by make and theme and I can easily find what I want when I want it. I also can easily look through my collection when I want some inspiration. Plus I know my stamps are safe and I am not going to lose odd ones that may come off their backing plastic.

I purchased my collapsible CD holders from a local discount store. I have seen them in many different shops so they seem very easily available. One could of course use a fancier CD box instead but I have found the collapsible ones to be very sturdy and despite my pulling them on and off the shelf every day, they are showing no signs of damage or wear.

Cheap And Easy Stamp Storage Video


Cheap and Simple Stamp Storage Video
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