Let’s be honest, often we crafters buy a particular magazine because of the cool “free” gift that is on the cover, don’t we?

Many papercrafting, knitting, crochet and other craftmagazines have all sorts of physical gifts as a bonus with each monthly issue. Sometimes they are “just what I always wanted”. I have had some really good crafting tools, materials and accessories from magazine cover gifts.

Here is a way to find out what is on the covers of the latest UK craft magazines without having to keep checking the newsagents.

What free gifts are on UK craft magazines?

Over on my crafting community site, Craft Llama, I list details of the free gifts from many upcoming UK craft magazines. You can easily see what the latest edition has (and the next one to come).  I will hopefully be adding details of United States and other craft magazines in the future.

Just hop on over to Craft Llama on this link – Craft Llama UK Magazine Free Gifts

Update – 25 June 2018

I am rebuilding this part of the Craft Llama website to make it easier to find the different magazines.  It will take a few days but should be finished very soon.  I am currently about half way there.

Why not join Craft Llama whilst you are there? There is a lot to see and do! Check out all about Craft Llama here.

UK Craft Magazines – What Free Gifts are On the Latest Issues?
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