Tin Teddy Digital Product Usage License Agreement

These images are sold for use in PHYSICAL crafting projects, both personal and small-scale commercial. You have purchased the right to USE the graphics, not the copyright of the images themselves.

You may:

•You may use these images in your personal crafting – have fun 🙂
•You may incorporate them in home-made items to sell or give away as long as you have printed them out first

You may NOT:

• You may not use them in any digital items (including websites and avatars)-only physical
•You may not print them out to sell or give away as a collage sheet or any other form of crafting supply product or merchant resource – even if you have adapted them, applied filters to them or any other form of change
•You may not use them for mass produced items without contacting me first
•If you use them on hand-crafted items for sale, please don’t claim any copyright for the image, or claim the image is exclusive, after all, that is not true. If the image is the main focus of your creation, then you must credit me.
•You may not use the graphics ‘as is’ on items for sale. This means you can’t print the basic image on mugs or t-shirts and then sell them. You must add something first. So you could frame them, or add text, or embellish, or combine images – as long as you have made some contribution to the finished artwork
•You may not sell or give away the actual digital image files (even if you have changed them). This includes copying them to disks, posting them online or any other form of distribution
•You may not use any of my images in trademarks, logos or branding without asking me first

These images were created by Deborah Richardson of Tin Teddy and she holds the copyright for them.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at elgyfu@tinteddy.com

You can access your Tin Teddy digital products at any time from your account – Your Download Page – as long as you are logged in.