Why Quality Materials Matter
Tin Teddy Die Cuts - Quality Felt

Here at Tin Teddy we believe that good quality materials lead to great quality crafting supplies which leads to fantastic crafting projects!

This is why we are continually hunting for the best foam, felt, card and other products to make our die cuts, toppers and embellishments.

Acrylic Felt

We use high quality acrylic felt for most of our felt toppers and die cuts. Acrylic felt is sturdy, cuts very cleanly and is great for things with small, fragile details – such as legs, ears and horns.

It is available in a wide range of beautiful colours and we are always looking for new sources so as to offer you the nicest colours out there.

40% Wool Blend Felt

This felt is 40% real wool and 60% viscose. It is very soft and great for larger projects. It is more delicate than acrylic felt so not as good for intricate die cuts. It is available in a very wide range of lovely colours, including patterned and textured variations.

We will be adding some larger products, using 40% wool blend felt, in the near future.

EVA Funky Foam

We love funky foam! It cuts beautifully, is very sturdy and is a joy to use when crafting. It comes in lots of lovely colours.

Funky foam is super lightweight. This makes it ideal to add to greetings cards and other items that you might want to send through the post.

Funky foam can be painted, coloured and inked and is a popular products for use in cardmaking, scrapbooking and all sorts of mixed media projects.

Card and Paper

Oooh, there are so many exciting card and paper products available nowadays. We source good quality, well printed card and paper for use in our products.

Some of our favourite types of card include super shiny Miri card, shimmery pearlescent cards and classic Kraft card.

We are always finding exciting new materials to use in Tin Teddy embellishments. Keep checking back, who knows what might be coming soon!