I am happy to receive submissions for guest posts on the Tin Teddy Blog.

The sorts of posts I particularly welcome are:

1 – Articles on craft selling, whether online or at craft shows

Have a look at the sort of articles I publish on the blog.  If you would like to write something similar about a topic that you think would be of interest to those who make and sell crafts, let me know.

2 – Articles about your own craft shop

You can write your own copy, or send me details and I will write it. There will of course be links back to your shop.

Please note that I can not feature shops that are trading illegally in some way.  If you are selling items that feature trademarked characters etc, I will require proof that they are officially licensed.

I am sorry but I also can not feature shops that sell digital clip art/papers/collage sheets, vintage prints or die cuts and embellishments.  These are the niches in which I sell.

3 – Articles about crafting news

Got an interesting story that you think my readers would find interesting or enjoy?

All guest posts will of course be fully credited to the writer, with links to your site etc.  The aim is that I get interesting content for my readers and you get exposure, marketing or promotion.  We both win 🙂

Just message me via the Contact Me page, or email me at elgyfu@tinteddy.com and let me know your idea.