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Hi, I am Deborah Richardson in the English countryside.

Second Life™ and other Virtual Worlds

My avatar is called Elgyfu Wishbringer in Second Life™, Avination and Inworldz.  I sell textures in all three and am happy to consider customs.

I am also Elgyfu in IMVU™, Blue Mars and Twinity.

For more on my ‘virtual selves’ see my blogpost -   “Who on earth is Elgyfu?”

So why is it called Tin Teddy?

A good question.   I wanted a name that was easy to remember, easy to spell and sounded fun (it alliterates!)  I also needed something no one else was using, and to be able to get the .com for it.  Tin Teddy!

What other crafts do I do?

I have never been the sort of person who can just do one thing.  Call me fickle, but there are so many fun crafts out there - I just want to try them all!

As well as creating graphics I also enjoy knitting, crochet, bobbin-lace making, sewing, embroidery & cross stitch, polymer clay, tatting and macrame, making odd things from cardboard and scrap booking and paper crafts.

So expect to see a variety of tutorials and projects on my blog!

Now who is mumbling something about ‘Jack of all trades...’?!?

Teddy Bears

I first made teddy bears as a child.  They were often a bit suspect looking.  After the birth of my son, in 1990, I began making them again.  These were tiny bears, mainly around 1-2 inches tall.  

I sold them to people all over the world (which seemed VERY exciting back then) and had my furry little creations featured in magazines, newspapers and books. I even managed to hold the World Record for creating the smallest fully jointed teddy bear (twice)!  Sadly this has been broken now.

After getting pains in my hands I stopped making bears - but maybe one day I will make some more, I live in hope.

Second Life™

In 2004 I discovered the virtual world of Second Life™, where my avatar’s name is Elgyfu Wishbringer.

I began making a few textures for my own use, then creating houses and furniture using them.  Before long I had a busy shop selling many thousands of my home-made textures and images.

Crafting Images

As a lifelong crafter, and a keen scrap booker since the early 1990’s, I was also making images for my projects.  It wasn’t long before I began to compile them into disks for friends and family to use.  And so the idea of selling my graphics for crafters via the Internet was born.

At the moment I am selling my images through Etsy.  


I have had various dolls over the years, and now have a small, much loved family.  I enjoy knitting, crocheting and sewing clothes for them as well as making tiny accessories - especially from odds and ends.

I post pictures of my crafty activities on Tin Teddy at Tumblr

During the early 1990’s, first Little Ted and then Goliath

held the World Record for the smallest jointed teddy bear.

Here they are, with a pound coin to show their size.

Little Ted is made of white felt and Goliath is made of very thin brown suede.

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