Symfonie wood double pointed sock needle set by Knit Pro

This is a pack of 6 sets of double ended (double pointed) knitting needles, ideal for knitting socks or other fine yarn items.

Each set includes 6 separate needles. Usually one uses 3 to 5 needles at a time, so there is a handy spare included.

The needles are made of a dense wood and dyed in a softly muted variegated scheme.

The included sizes are:TTSockKnittingNeedles2

  • 2 mm
  • 2.25mm
  • 2.5 mm
  • 2.75 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 3.25 mm

Each size has its own little channel in the included sturdy plastic storage wallet. The sizes are marked on the needles themselves.

A joy to useTTSockKnittingNeedles3

These knitting needles are a total joy to use. They are lightweight and comfortable to hold.

They are also silent when in use, no annoying ‘click, click’ whilst you knit. A big plus of wooden needles 🙂

The wood is nice and smooth but still grips the yarn well, so you will not have problems with your knitting sliding off the needle (which I have had with some metal ones).

I have the 15cm length set, which I find perfect for knitting socks and dolls’ clothes. There are shorter and longer versions available too.

Due to their small dimensions these needles are for use with finger yarns such as sock yarn, cottons or similar. They are obviously aimed at sock knitters but can of course be used for other fine projects which are to be knitted in the round.

These are not the cheapest knitting needles available, but I personally think that they represent excellent value for money as they are probably as perfect a set of sock needles as you can get. Sturdy, light, quiet, smooth and efficient.

The needle sets are also available separately but buying the pack of 6 sets is more economical if you require various sizes (ie to adjust your gauge).


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Craft Product Review – Knit Pro double ended sock needles
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