I have been very busy lately creating a new website.  It is craft related and I will be launching it very soon.

The website will be called www.CraftLlama.com – before you rush off to have a look, it currently has a “maintenance mode” sign up so I can construct away without confusing anyone.


This blog (yes, the one you are reading right now) is built using the WordPress platform.  I have to confess that sometimes WordPress and I have little arguments.  And sometimes WordPress appears to win them.  But overall I love it because it is so flexible, powerful and convenient – which is why the Tin Teddy Blog uses it!

My new site is also using WordPress but is far more complex than a blog.  I have had to learn a lot of new skills to complete it, including a crash course in both HTML and CSS code.

So what is this mysterious new Craft Llama site, I hear you say?

Well, the more observant amongst you will have noticed that the banner above includes the words “The crafting community”, so that should give you quite a large clue.

I am hoping it will be something very big and very special – made by a crafter, for crafters.

Stay tuned – Tin Teddy Blog followers will be getting special invitations to see it before everyone else – with various perks to this included.


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