Friday Freebie 149 – Little Piggy

Here is a cute little pink piggy clip art image for this week’s Friday Freebie.

He would look adorable on a birthday card, or maybe a little Artist Trading Card.

These is a PNG file with a transparent backgrounds.

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10 Tips for Using Your Silhouette Cutting Machine

1 Pesky Little Leftovers

The Silhouette machines are brilliant at cutting very intricate designs.  But removing all the teeny tiny bits of paper from the mat afterwards is a right pain.  I use the side of an old credit card to gently scrape the mat clean.  It can also be used to help lift off delicate cut-outs from the mat.

2 Clean that mat

It is not long before the cutting mat starts looking a bit sorry for itself.  Every time you cut, little bits of paper get left on the mat.  The build up of “paper fluff” make the mat less sticky and larger pieces can interfere with the cutting process of future projects.


Cover your mat in strips of masking tape (very cheap and it has lots of other uses in the craft room).  Lay the strips so they slightly overlap each other until the whole mat is covered.  Now place the mat on a very flat surface and rub hard all over it – using a bone folder, side of a credit card  or a brayer is ideal.  Then pull off the masking tape and you should see a lot of the “gunk” come off with it – leaving your mat cleaner, smoother and stickier.

Eventually you will need to replace the mat, but you can get a bit of extra life out of it by using sticky spray such as Stick & Spray from Crafter’s Companion.  Just spray a thin layer on, wait a few minutes and apply your card or paper.

3 Testing..1..2..3..4..

The Silhouette software has a handy test cut feature that is well worth checking out.  When TTSilhouetteTestCutcutting a new weight of card for the first time, or a new type of media, you may not be sure exactly what set up of blade height and speed is best.  Use the test cut to try out combos before starting to cut the main design.  This will not only help avoid wasting precious card etc but will also save you time as the test cut is small and fast.

You will see the test cut options when you select the material you are going to cut.

When trying to work out the best combo remember that a quick search online may give you suggestions from other crafters who have already tried to cut the media you want to.  And the Silhouette settings are a great place to start.  I use their setting for vinyl (I use Cricut vinyl), the setting for chipboard for cutting Kraft card and Centura Pearl 300gsm, and the basic “card” setting for 150gsm coloured card.

4 Store that combo

When I first got my Silhouette I was a little worried about how I would know the best blade height/speed combos for different types of media.   I have found that I actually only need to use a few combos for all the different types of card, vinyl etc that I use.  When I am sure of the right combo I write it in my planner for future reference (see the tip above for how to find the perfect combos).  If the media is stored in a box or packet then I also write the Silhouette cutting combo on that too.TTPortraitControls

5 A clean blade is a happy blade

Paper dust from the cutting process can easily get caught around the tiny blade.  This will dull it and your cutting may start to look a little raggedy.  I remove the blade holder and blow hard over the tip of the blade (mind your lips, don’t get too close) after every cutting session.  After cutting very dusty media like Kraft card I unscrew the little end of the blade holder so the blade is exposed, then blow again.  This is worth doing every now and then.  Eventually your blade will dull and no amount of blowing will be able to solve that and it is time for a new blade.

Some people keep their old blades for use when cutting more forgiving media.  A duller blade may well cut thick card beautifully but chew up thin paper in a very alarming manner.

6 Pick a pen.. any pen…

The official Silhouette sketch pens come in a nice range of colours, including metallics.  But TTPortraitPensyour Silhouette machine can use a wide range of pens if you get an adaptor for it.  Using the adaptor is not quite as simple as one might assume and the instructions that come with it are not very clear.  There are video and other tutorials online (just search) and once you get the hang of it you will have opened up your options for crafty sketching.  I have had a lot of luck with simple ball points which draw like the Silhouette sketch pens do.  Sharpies work well but as they draw quite a thick line the sketch being drawn must not be too intricate.  Gel pens also work well and the metallic or light colours look amazing on dark card – but you do need to use a newer “juicy” pen.

7 More bang for your buck

The Silhouette Store is a fantastic resource for cutting designs of all types.  Whilst the designs are cheap anyway, you can save even more money if you have a subscription.  You don’t have to have a continual one, you can just join for a month at a time.  So, for example, if you wanted quite a lot of designs for doing your Christmas cards and decor, you may well find it much cheaper to buy a subscription for a month then buy the designs with this.  You can get different levels of subscriptions depending on how many designs you are going to want to buy at a time.

There is a free design to collect ever week, and lots of sales to snap up even more bargains.


Another way to save some cash is to consider carefully which designs you buy.  I have bought quite a few cutting files for novelty greetings card such as tri-fold cards or pop-up cards.  Sometimes the designer of the card sells it in a few variations.  This might include the card on its own, in a new baby version, a birthday version and perhaps a wedding version.  As they are all the same price it makes financial sense to not buy the basic card but to get one of the other versions as this will include extra elements along with the card part that I want.  I would choose whichever version had additional elements that I thought I could use in some way.

An additional example would be when a designer sells a paper-pieced character as a stand-alone file, but the character is also included in another of their products as the topper on a card, or a box.  Again it makes sense to buy the card or box version as not only will you get the character you want but extra elements too.

8 – Even more bang… even less bucks!

It is very easy to create your own designs using the Silhouette Studio software.  There are loads of online tutorials and it is pretty intuitive to use.

Many types of crafters love to use stacking dies – metal dies that cut different sizes of basic shapes that you can then layer up to make mats, frame and borders.  These are great to create on your Silhouette as one can resize things so easily.  You don’t need to spend a penny to have sets of squares, rectangles, circles and other basic shapes – in an infinite range of sizes!

Creating word art is also very simple with the Studio software.  Just type the word you want then adjust the spacing so the letters overlap a bit.  Bingo, word art!  You can also tweak things to ensure everything looks just how you want.

Remember you can use all the fonts on your computer  – including WingDings!  Plus there are many thousands of free, funky fonts available online.

9 Fake what the cool guy’s are doing

It is a growing trend for stamp companies to offer matching dies to make it easy to cut out their stamp sets.  These are great and do indeed save on fiddly cutting out.  But they are pretty expensive, especially here in the UK.  And if it is a set of stamps that you may not use very often then having to buy dies as well as the stamps themselves can not always be an option.

But your trusty Silhouette can easily enable you to fake this die cut effect for those intricate stamps.

Just stamp the images onto plain paper with black ink.  Then scan them into your computer and load into Silhouette Studio.  Now give them a cutting outline, with a small offset – my tutorial for cutting out clip art images explains how to do this.  There are also many other tutorials online.

10 Keep clean, keep cutting out

Dust and dirt getting into your Silhouette can prevent clean cuts.  If you are not going to be using your machine for a few days then popping a cover over it, or putting it in a box, will ensure it is clean and fresh for the next session. You can buy ready made covers, or could make your own… you could even just drape a piece of cotton cloth over it!

Lindsay Weirich, the Frugal Crafter, has just done a great tutorial for a DIY dust cover on her popular YouTube channel.  Check it out here – DIY Dust Cover for Die Cut Machines and More

Friday Freebie 148 – Golden Buddha statue

This weeks’s Friday Freebie clip art image is a statue of a golden Buddha.

I hope he comes in useful for your crafting projects.  I have just used him on a scrapbook page 🙂

These is a PNG file with a transparent backgrounds.

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Download Here – Tin Teddy Friday Freebie 148 Golden Buddha statue

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January Tag – Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016

FinishedRobotTagYay, Tim Holtz is doing his famous Tags of the year blog posts in 2016.  So here is my version of the January tag.

First I used my trusty Tim Holtz Tag & Bookplates die to cut a large tag from an old birthday card (I used this die to cut all the tags for last year too).  As I am going to cover the card I thought I may as well recycle some scrap.

I laid two strips of sticky backed aluminium foil on the tag and rubbed them over with a brayer so they were very flat.  I tucked the excess over to the back of the tag and gave that a quick brayer too.


Then I ran the tag through my Big Shot die cutter, inside the Chevron embossing folder by Darice.  I used the number 2 option on the Big Shot platform. I always use this for embossing folders even though the platform recommends using option 1.

I took a Jet Black StazOn ink pad and rubbed it over the tag.  As long as you keep it reasonably flat against the tag, only the raised parts will pick up the ink.


I cut a rectangle of a patterned paper from the Home Grown stack by Hot Off The Press.  I used Tuxedo Black Memento ink to ink up the edges of this panel.


Then I added a black star shaped paper clip to one edge and four “antique brass” coloured split pins to the corners of the panel.  I then glued the panel to the tag.  I used my Crop-a-dile Big Bite to add a dark blue rivet to the tag hole (to match the colour of the robot)


Next I used one of the Tin Teddy Sexy Robot Lady clip art images and resized it so it would fit nicely on my tag.  I selected around the robot, inverted my selection, and enlarged it by 30 pixels. I  then created another layer, below the robot, and filled the selection with black.  I made a simple “ROBOT” label whilst I was at it, and printed them out onto photographic paper.

I cut out the robot lady, leaving a small black border (which is why I backed her with black before printing).  I ran the side of a black Sharpie pen around the edge of the cut out, to remove the white edge and give a neat finish.  I did the same for the ROBOT label.


I added the robot lady and the ROBOT label to the tag.


I found a shiny star shaped brad that fitted inside the paperclip beautifully, so added that to the tag.

Finally, I tied some glittery silver ribbon and a couple of strands of black rattail cord to the tag to finish.


Friday Freebie 147 – Cocktail

Ah, a refreshing cocktail on a warm evening, the sound of waves lapping on the beach, a soft breeze…

Well, the weather outside may really be cold right now, but that is no reason not to dream of far away, warmer places!

Here is a cocktail for this week’s Friday Freebie.  Enjoy!

This is a PNG file with a transparent backgrounds.

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Download Here – Tin Teddy Friday Freebie 147 Cocktail

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Ten Great Valentines’ Day Gifts from Etsy Sellers


There are just a couple of weeks left until Valentine’s Day!  Here are some of my favourite Valentine’s presents and cards from the amazing creators on Etsy.  Don’t forget to check out the shop links too as each has many more wonderful items on offer.

Needle Felted Penguin with Heart by Scratchcraft

Needle Felted Penguin by Scratchcraft

Oh just look at this adorable little penguin, clutching his little red heart.  Guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart.

He is a needlefelt creation from the amazing ScratchCraft – I confess I have spent a LOT of time admiring the products in this great shop.

There are other, equally adorable penguins on offer (check out the one with a camera, so cute).  But if you are not into penguins (why?!?) then perhaps the perfect little owls would be more your thing.  Or even a moose!

These fantastic needlefelt critters are so full of character and very reasonably priced too!  What are you waiting for?  Check out ScratchCraft now 🙂

Felted Penguin with Heart from Scratchcraft on Etsy

Macrame Heart Wall Hanging by RetoDecor

Macrame Heart Wall Art by RetoDecorMacrame is very on trend right now, and this beautiful macrame heart wall art is bang up to date – and so romantic!  What a perfect Valentine’s gift.   With a sparkly red ring and natural cotton yarn it is would be a charming addition to any home.

Margo of RetoDecor has many other beautiful macrame decor pieces in her delightful shop, including variations of the heart design.  I love the unusual wine bottle holders, how fun!  And if seeing all her stunning creations has given you an urge to get knotting, she also has a photo tutorial to make a pretty “flower of life” hanging decor piece.

Macrame Heart Wall Art by RetoDecor on Etsy

I Pick You – Personalized Guitar Pick by PersonalBlessings

Personalized Guitar Pick Keychain by PersonalBlessingsGive him or her this cute aluminum guitar pick key chain from PersonalBlessings and you know they will pick you, it would be rude not to!  You can choose the font and what symbol is used on the pick too.

PersonalBlessings have many more keychains in their well-stocked shop, in various shapes and with lots of different personalization options.  There literally is something for everyone here!

Personalized Guitar Pick Keychain by PersonalBlessings on Etsy

Valentine’s Apron by ArtyApronsAndSuch

Valentine Apron by ArtyApronsAndSuch

Is there anything more romantic than this gorgeous “Julie” apron from ArtyApronsAndSuch? I doubt it!

In a Valentine pink and red colour scheme, featuring hearts and more hearts, this apron is perfect for cooking up some lurve this February 14th.

Marcia of ArtyApronsAndSuch has many other darling aprons on offer in her colourful Etsy shop.  As well as bibs and bags too.  All are handmade in beautiful fabrics, with obvious care and attention to detail.  Definitely worth checking this one out!

Valentines Apron by ArtyApronsAndSuch on Etsy

Matchbox Rose Bouquets by sho3ux Matchbox Rose Bouquet by shop3xu

Stand by for the cutest alternative to a regular Valentine’s card – a tiny bouquet of paper roses in a real matchbox..complete with a label for you to declare your love.  You can even have an optional message scroll tucked in the box, adorable.

Brooklyn based store shop3xu have many other darling little matchbox cards, to cover all occasions.  Some are funny, some sweet and some romantic.  All are really cute.

What a great idea to bring a smile to someone’s face this Valentines.

Matchbox Rose Bouquet from shop3xu on Etsy

Miniature Valentine’s Cake in Box by FieldofDollsStudio

Miniature Valentine Cake by FieldofDollsStudio

Make sure that your dolls get to celebrate Valentine’s day too with this adorable miniature frosted cake from FieldofDollsStudio.  A red velvet cake with pink frosting and a jolly red heart, in a tiny pink bakery box – perfect for the dollshouse but also works as an individual cake for a larger doll too.

Anne from FieldofDollsStudio has lots of lovely items for your dolls and dolls houses.  With a wide range of yummy looking miniature food, and a wonderful selection of accessories for those of us who collect Breyer model horses.  Gallop over to her shop!

Miniature Valentine’s Cake in Box by FieldofDollsStudio on Etsy

Little Pink Knitted Bear by ViolaSueKnits

Knitted Bear by ViolaSueKntsYou have no doubt heard of love at first sight – and this is exactly what I felt when I saw this teeny little pink and white Valentine bear from ViolaSueKnits!  Just 3 inches tall, made from mohair and faux fur, fully jointed and unbelievably adorable!

But if pink and white bears are not your thing (seriously??) then Viola has loads of other adorable little critters to charm you in her delightful Etsy shop.

Want to make your own Valentine’s present?  She also has patterns so you can knit up a cute little creation yourself!  Bears, bunnies, sheep, cats and more.  Fuzzy adorableness!

Knitted Bear by ViolaSueKnits on Etsy

Valentine’s Frame by NidasDesigns

Valentine's Frame by NidasDesigns

Just look at this cute little personalized picture frame – what a great Valentine’s day gift for the one you love.  Hand painted by Nida of London based Etsy shop, NidaDesigns.  You can even have a name or date added so it is extra special.

Nida’s motto is “A perfect gift for all your loved ones.. when feelings matter!” and indeed her handmade, personalized and unique gifts are great for all occasions.  I love the black kitten wall clock, so cute.  Her personalized wall hangers would make such wonderful gifts for family members – do check them out.

Valentine’s Frame by NidasDesigns on Etsy

Be My Valentine Felt Flowers by thejelybeanstudio

Valentine Felt Flowers by thejellybeanstudio

Are you making a gift for your Valentine?  Or perhaps a card?  Then these adorable little handmade felt flowers from thejellybeanstudio might be the perfect embellishment.

You will get three 1.5″ multi-layered flowers which can be used in so many ways.

Fiona has a packed shop full of beautiful handmade embellishments and accents for anyone who enjoys creating or adding a little handmade touch to things.  From adorable planner clips to confetti hearts, this very professional Scottish shop is definitely worth checking out.

Be My Valentine Felt Flowers by thejelybeanstudio

Bacon and Egg Valentine’s Card by groovygoose

Bacon and Egg Valentine's Card by GroovyGoose

Looking for a Valentine’s day card for your loved one?  Want something modern, amusing but definitely romantic?  How about this charming Bacon and Egg card from snazzy Australian designer, Heidi of groovygoose!

She has other Valentine’s day cards on offer, if bacon and egg ain’t ya thing, as well as lots of other greetings cards, stationery, party things, invites, wall art prints and more – all in her beautiful, original style.  Check out the hipster fox, adorable.

Bacon and Egg Valentine’s Card by groovygoose on Etsy

New Theme for Tin Teddy Blog Today

Today I have changed the theme (graphical style) of the Tin Teddy Blog.

I have been using a lovely theme from Elegant Themes for the past couple of years, but sadly can no longer do so as recent changes in the way WordPress works (the software that powers the blog) means that there were problems with the way some elements of the site were displaying.

Elegant Themes do not sell their themes individually, you have to join as a subscription to get access to them. You do get access to lots of themes this way, and can continue to use any theme after your subscription ends.

I was only using one theme.  Sadly, what I hadn’t realised is that once your subscription ends, you can no longer get any updates to the theme.  So when WordPress changed last year, my theme “broke” and I just do not know enough about website scripting to be able to fix it myself.

I could not justify paying for another year just to fix this one theme.  I do not want more themes and paying again for something I already paid quite a lot for, well that was not palatable.  Elegant Themes is no doubt great value for money if you want a lot of themes.  But if you only want one..  I now know it can be a very expensive option.

So I chose to change to a different theme, Adelle.  Which has meant some earlier posts are a bit wonky now as they use elements that were only available for Elegant Theme themes.

I am going through the blog and updating things right now.  It will take a few days to get everything tidy, plus there are a few other changes I want to make whilst I am at it.

Please bear with me if you see any “wonkyness”.  It should all be tidy again soon.

Thank you to all my regular readers.

Assembling a Storage Box by Jamie Cripps from A4 card

Since getting my Silhouette Portrait cutting machine I have been very busy making storage solutions for some of the things in my craft room.

I purchased one of the subscription options from the Silhouette Store, which meant that the individual files were VERY cheap.  And then Black Friday happened and everything was half price!  So I ended up buying loads of great cutting files!

I particularly love the great storage ideas from designed Jamie Cripps.  She helpfully says whether the design is suitable for both the Cameo and smaller Portrait… but… whilst the biggest part of the file does indeed fit on the Portrait mat, it is still bigger than either A4 or US letter card!

Whilst the two sizes are very similar and often interchangeable, they are not identical.  A4 is slightly slimmer and longer than its American cousin.  Therefore sometimes the files ARE Portrait compatible, but not really A4 compatible.

In this case the component is longer than either of the two standard card sizes.  So…

Solving the Size Problem

I have found 4 ways to get around this problem:

1 – reduce the size of the cutting file (well, doh!)  Make sure you resize ALL the bits at once so the end result will still fit together properly.  Whilst this is the easiest solution for many projects, for some it means that the end result would not function as intended, for example if you were making a storage box for a particular sized item.

2 – Use card that is slightly bigger than A4, or cut down A3 or 12″ card to fit.  You can put paper up to nearly 11 inches in width through the Portrait machine, by the way, but it will only cut up to 8.5″ across.

3 – And with many files you can overlap a little where there are tabs – as long as you have enough left to stick it together.  This may require a bit of rotating and wiggling.  The Portrait will only ever cut within the area designated on the cutting mat, so don’t worry, doing this will not encourage it to cut your mat up or anything

4 – Cut the file up into smaller pieces.  So where there is a side and back piece in one, cut it up so the two pieces are separate and fit onto one piece of A4 card.  This is the most time consuming way, and if you can do this easily then you probably will be creating your own cutting file anyway!  But if just a couple of bits don’t fit on your card then this could be the solution to being able to use it.

Making the Storage Box with A4 Card

I wanted to make up Jamie’s 3d stamp and 5×7 card storage box.  But when I opened it in Sihouette Studio, argh, the biggest part was just a tad too large for the A4 sized kraft card I wanted to use.

Fitting onto A4 Card in Silhouette Studio

Here is a screen shot of the file, open in Silhouette Studio, ready to cut the largest component.  You will notice I have done four things to the files.

1 – I have ungrouped them so I can manipulate them individually.

2 – I have rotated two pieces so that they can fit on my Portrait cutting mat.

3- I have added a pattern fill to the four decorative panels, just so I know which they are when cutting things out.  I usually colour code the cutting files like this as it prevents any confusion and cutting any pieces out of the wrong colour/pattern/type of card.  I will be cutting the panels out of preprinted scrapbook paper, the fill I have used here is just to make them stand out.

I have also coloured the main box components with “kraft card colour”.  Nice and clear now 🙂

4 – The biggest component (one side and the back panel combined) is on the cutting mat, and is slightly hanging over the ends of where the paper will be.  The overhang is within the area of the two tabs on this piece so they will just be a little thinner on mine.


Once I have set everything up like this I save it to the Library so next time I want to make it I am all ready to go.  This preparation really can make things easier for complicated files and it is well worth taking the time to work out what everything is and where it goes before wasting card by cutting things out wrong.

I cut out the three main box components from the kraft card, then the four panel parts from some pretty scrapbook paper.  I put Brushed Courduroy Distress ink all around the sides and folds of the kraft card components, and Distress Ink all around the panel edges in a colour to match the patterned paper.

Next I fixed the panels to the card base with a tape roller.  I did this before I assembled the box as it is much easier to line things up and press them down when the box is flat.  If I were making this as a gift or I thought it would be handled a lot then I would fix the panels on with matte medium gel instead to ensure they could not accidentally be peeled off.

I glued the box together with Collall Tacky Glue.

The project took 3 sheets of A4 kraft card and 2 sheets of A4 scrapbook paper (there were oddments left over for the scrap box).

Finally I cut out a label from another Silhouette file and fixed it on the spine of the box.  I try to make sure to label boxes as soon as possible as it really does help keep the craft room tidy.

Jamie has a tutorial for assembling this storage box on her blog.


Friday Freebie 146 – Happy blue lamb

This cute little blue lamb is the Friday Freebie clip art image for this week.

Wouldn’t he look cute on a birthday card?  Or how about printed on fabric for a pillow case?

These is a PNG file with a transparent backgrounds.

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Download Here – Tin Teddy Friday Freebie 146 Happy Blue Lamb

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Cheap and Simple Stamp Storage Video

TTStorageBoxOver the years I have tried many different ways to store my rather large collection of stamps.  I have put them in drawers, and albums.  I have stuck them on sheets and hung them on racks.  But I was just never really happy with the systems and found that I was not using many of my stamps because I had forgotten what I actually had and could not remember where things were stored.

Early last year I moved over to a new way of storing the bulk of my stamps.  Most of my collection are small sheets of stamps.

Here is a short video showing the storage box I use and how I keep my stamps safe and to hand in it.

My wooden backed stamps are still in drawers, awaiting a better solution.  I also have a few A4 sized sheets of stamps, these are in a magazine file.  I have cut up a few bigger sheets to enable them to fit in the CD holders though.

After about 8 months of using this system I have to say I am very happy with it.  My stamps are divided by make and theme and I can easily find what I want when I want it.  I also can easily look through my collection when I want some inspiration.  Plus I know my stamps are safe and I am not going to lose odd ones that may come off their backing plastic.

I purchased my collapsible CD holders from a local discount store.  I have seen them in many different shops so they seem very easily available.  One could of course use a fancier CD box instead but I have found the collapsible ones to be very sturdy and despite my pulling them on and off the shelf every day, they are showing no signs of damage or wear.

Cheap And Easy Stamp Storage Video