How To Stop Me From Buying Your Things

I spend some time browsing on Etsy – looking at all the beautiful hand-made items.  It is a great source for birthday presents and such.

I also have been buying from eBay for many years, and so thought I would share some of the big ‘turn-offs’ that stop me buying something -how many are also yours?

1  Terrible pictures.  I know it is cool that one can now list to Ebay and Etsy direct from phones – but a listing with a blurry blob of a picture is as good as useless.  If you really want my money, please show me the respect of taking an in-focus picture.  Modern cameras make it easier than ever, and with digital snaps you can take lots of pictures and chose the best one.
2 Not showing the size.  I once saw a painting for sale with the description ‘Small picture of a greyhound’.  OK, so what exactly does ‘small’ mean??  Add dimensions!  Even better, include a picture with a visual scale reference.  Many people use a coin (though this is not so good for international sales).  A ruler is great.  Or even having your hand in the picture will help a lot.

3 Some information is ESSENTIAL.  You can’t expect to sell a car without putting the mileage.  You can’t sell a computer game without saying whether you have tested it or not.  You can’t sell model furniture without telling us the scale.  If you fail to give basic information then people will assume the worst (the car must have high mileage, the game doesn’t work and the furniture is a different size to whatever the viewer might want!)

4 CAPITALS LETTERS and lots of colours and fonts.  Why would you want to make it hard for visitors to read your listing?  Keep it simple, please.  Use a spell checker if you are not confident with your English and you could even ask someone to glance over your listing to ensure it is tip-top.  A listing that is all ‘If u want 2 ask qstns txt me’ are really off-putting. Split chunks of writing up.  You want people to read what you write, or else you are just wasting your time writing at all.

5 Be careful with your ‘Do nots’.  I appreciate that we all have to have policies.  It is fine to say that you want people with zero ratings to contact you before bidding, for example.  Or to say that you can’t ship abroad right now.  But please say this in a calm, friendly manner.  There are few things more off-putting than an eBay listing that is mainly a list of instructions and rules.  Do be careful if you say ‘I do not accept returns’.  If you are a business seller on eBay – or any seller on Etsy (as all Etsy sellers are by definition business ones) then you must follow the laws of your country.  And in Britain (and some other EU countries) you must follow the Distance Selling Regulations which means you have to accept some sorts of returns.

You Never Know What You Will Find… And Where…

Originally posted on 11 March 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

I popped down to the supermarket today and found a nice little surprise.  I do like finding things that I can turn in to other things.  Its like a little treasure hunt.

I walked past the ‘party treats’ and spotted a little bag of pretty ball-point pens.  Sure,the pens were nice enough.. but what I wanted were the wonderful little butterfly charms hanging from each one.

And they were super cheap!

Now I have 4 new pens (and I am ALWAYS losing pens!) and will use the charms for various things.  For a start I can see a pretty Blythe/Pullip necklace in the making!

10 Things to Do With Tin Teddy Clipart

Tin Teddy Hound Dogs Clip Art

Originally posted on 10 March 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Here are ten ideas for ways you can use your Tin Teddy clip art in your crafting projects:

1 – Use a single picture as the centerpiece of a home-made card, or make a small grouping of a couple of characters or images

2 – Decoupage!  I am going to add a tutorial on decoupage very soon.  Its easy and gives a great 3d effect – and many Tin Teddy clip art images are perfect for decoupaging!

3 – Use a set of images to customise a child’s bedroom.  Got a son who is into dinosaurs?  You could paste big pictures from the Tin Teddy Dinosaurs Clip Art set on to the wall, or frame some.  Add smaller versions to the outsides of storage boxes, magazine files or even to decorate wardarobes and cupboards.

4 – Print a set of images once the right way around, then flip them in your graphics program and print again -in reverse.  Cut them all out and glue matching pairs together, back to back, with a piece of thread sandwiched between – you now have the beginnings of a fun mobile

5 – Add a character to the top of party invites.  Then use more on place-cards, cupcake toppers, in a row for a cake band etc for a fun themed party!

6 – Some images, like the Tin Teddy Skeletons, are great for adding a bit of individuality to notices or signs.  This is why I made sure I included some who were pointing!

7 – Print an image on to fabric-paper and you can incorporate it into a cushion cover, a bag or a piece of clothing!  Add a fun slogan of your own for even more uniqueness.

8 – Many images can be cut up and reasssmbled, combining parts from others in the same set. Try this with the TT Party Princess Dolls, the TT Toon Babies or the TT Little Princesses.

9 – Print a few images on to magnetic paper for some fun fridge magnets.  These make great stocking fillers or as little ‘extras’ for popping into a birthday card – or even mounted on the front of the card! Bonus!

10 – Don’t forget you can shrink images down with your graphics package, or even directly with your printer software – and make tiny pictures for use in jewelry, badge-making or for doll’s house pictures.


Have fun trying out some of these ideas.  I will be adding tutorials for these and other fun things to do with your Tin Teddy clip art very soon.

Parrots, Duck and… a Baby Elephant

Originally posted on 3 March 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Four new items up for sale in my Second Life store, and on Marketplace SL today.

Two macaws – cute parrots.  They come with free single-prim sculty parrot stands, or you can perch them in trees, on furniture – whereever you please.

One is a Blue and Yellow Macaw and the other a Scarlet Macaw.

Plus a slightly sleepy Mallard Duck and a cute Baby Elephant.

All are smoothly animated and a single prim – like the other creatures in my popular Fu’s Zoo range.  They are copyable so you can rez as many as you wish.

Click any of the creature’s names to go to their Marketplace SL listings

Tin Teddy Tutorials

Originally posted on 27th February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Today I added the first tutorial on the website.  First of many, I hope 🙂

This first tutorial is How To Make a Doll’s Bookcase using my new Tin Teddy Wooden Background Papers.  You can make one with other paper, of course, but the Tin Teddy wood papers do the job perfectly 🙂

I will be adding many more tutorials over the coming weeks and months.  Here are some of the things I will be doing:

  • more furniture and accessories for popular dolls like Blythe
  • card making and scrapbooking techniques, projects and ideas
  • lots of ideas for using your Tin Teddy graphics in new and fun ways
  • knitting, crochet, lace-making and stitching tutorials
  • polymer clay and sculpting tutorials
  • whatever else I think of 😉

I will do some as videos and some as picture/written description type.  I will also include written details for the videos.  I will also try to get all the tutorials up as downloadable PDF files so you can easily print them out to use away from the computer.

I have been crafting for a very long while and hope that I can offer some fun and unusual ideas and projects for you.

New Things on Second Life Marketplace

Originally posted on 23 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

It’s been a while since I added any new items to the Second Life Marketplace *slaps wrist*

Today we have 2 woolly animals and 2 packs of textures (I couldn’t think of a connection between those though).

The animals are a Young Sheep and a cute Bleating Flock of Sheep – baaaaa.  Don’t worry, you can turn off the bleating, but I quite like it going randomly in the background, it’s homely.  Both are single prims and smoothly animated, like the rest of the Fu’s Zoo range.

The textures are a box of rather nice Celtic rug textures – make lots of lovely rugs for your home, prefabs or just to sell as they are.  Ten nice designs in circle, round and rectangular forms.

And a box of Spooky Tree textures – just like the ones I use for my best-selling box of Spooky Trees & Bushes.  These are great for Halloween, vampires, scary woods and much more!

Click on the item names to go directly to their Marketplace SL page.


10 Things to Do With Tin Teddy Background Papers

Originally posted on 20 February  2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

1 – Use them as backing papers for your scrapbooking.  If you have a printer that can print 12inch pages you can either use the 12″ versions, or overlap 2 of the smaller sheets in your graphics program before printing.  If  not you can simply print two A4 or Letter size pages and overlap them on your scrapbook page – or make a two tone page!

2 – Use your background papers as beautiful wrapping paper for gifts.  You can make a matching gift card or use the same paper on a birthday card etc.

3 – Use Tin Teddy background papers to cover boxes.  Ideal if you want a coordinated set.  I cover cereal boxes to make my own custom magazine files.

4 – Cover a notebook, exercise or address book. You could add ‘patches’ of one of the other papers in the same set for a fun look.  Or cut small squares from all the different backgrounds in the pack and make your own patchwork design!

5 – If you are familiar with a graphics program you can adjust the colours, resize or layer things over the top of your background paper before printing it out.

6 – Print the backing paper at a much lighter setting than usual to make a pale coloured paper.  Ideal for writing on or as a backing paper for photos perhaps.  You can mix this pale paper with the regular version for more effects.

7 – Print Tin Teddy backing papers on to ‘printable fabric’ (available from craft stores) to make fabric panels you can use in your sewing crafts.

8 – Origami and other paper folding!  You could print a different backing paper on to each side of a sheet of firm paper. (If you have an inkjet paper, make sure the first side is very dry before trying to do the reverse!  It is definitely best to use heavier weight paper.)  Many designs lend themselves to tea bag folding and iris folding too.

9 – As well as using Tin Teddy background papers behind the pictures in your scrapbook, you can also cut mats for framed photos.  Why have boring plain coloured card mounts when you can personalize them?

10 – Wallpaper!  Not for you, for your dolls and doll houses! (Or bear houses, or mice houses or… well you get the idea).  Pick a design that suits the scale or your house or room.  You could also use some on the floor as carpeting or tiles.


I hope you have fun trying some of these idea, and coming up with lots of your own!

Getting Myself Coordinated

Originally posted on 19th February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Well, 33 sets of graphics on Etsy now, I am pushing to get to 50 by the end of this week (its good to have a goal).  I do have plenty of things ready made, just need to ‘box them up’ and do the advertising pictures for them.

My  shop views have been steadily climbing, and getting ‘favourited’ so I do hope I am doing something right and sales will begin soon, hehe.

I have two bears finished, so will get them photographed and add a ‘Bears’ section to the website – tomorrow if possible.  I also need to finish the crafting disks I was making.  I have a few on the good, in various states of finishment.  I also should probably make a to-do list and prioritise it!

Fluff and Stuff…

Originally posted on 13 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Today I spent some time going through the big wooden box that has sat atop my wardarobe for the past 17 years or so – ignored and forgotten.

Well, really it is a treasure chest! For in it is the huge stash of mohair, miniature bear fabrics, patterns and other supplies from my days as a ‘miniature teddy bear artist’.  I did this for a few years whilst at home when my son was little.  I used to enjoy creating tiny bears and was so excited when shipping them to new homes all over the world!  Sadly my fingers began giving me problems and I stopped.  And the supplies got crated up and forgotten.  Until now!

I certainly have enough material to make masses of little teddies – and by little I mean 1 to 3 inches tall or so.  I have been working on a couple of new prototypes, checking I can remember how to do it, hehe, and my hands seem to be ok so far (crosses fingers).  I will make a few then see if they sell on Etsy – if they do, I can see a LOT of fuzzy little creatures taking over my house again.

I will still be enjoying my graphics, of course, and trying to get a bit of crochet and knitting done, and reading, and playing with my guinea pigs, and all the other things I like to do.

For the past two years I have had near daily migraines (big grrrr) which means that often I spend most the day in bed in the dark.  Other days I am pretty much ok by mid-afternoon and can do something productive.  Its very frustrating when I am out of action for long periods, but I try to make the most of what I can 🙂  Sure, I would love the migraines to stop, please!  but I try to be positive and perhaps they do ensure I appreciate my time more.  You have to look on the bright side, don’t ya?

Don’t worry, I am not going to fill this blog with whining about my migraines!  I am NOT just migraine-girl.  I mentioned them now because they ARE part of my life, a massive part, sadly, whether I like it or not.  They will get mentioned, mainly in the context of ‘grr, sorry, didn’t get X done after all’, heh – but this is NOT a migraine blog. This is a crafty, dafty, fun blog!  Honest!

Confused SL Resident

Originally posted on 8 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

If you are a returning visitor to the Tin Teddy website, you are probably thinking ‘Blimey, what happened?’

I have redisgned the site, to incorporate my new range of graphics for crafters, which are currently available from my Etsy shop.

The old Second Life part of the website is still intact, and can be reached from the links on the front page.  I will be redoing the Second Life section totally as soon as I can.

Post Edit – the Second Life part of the site is now about 75% completed – 20 April 2012

Post Edit – the Second Life part is now complete 🙂