Originally posted on 23 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

It’s been a while since I added any new items to the Second Life Marketplace *slaps wrist*

Today we have 2 woolly animals and 2 packs of textures (I couldn’t think of a connection between those though).

The animals are a Young Sheep and a cute Bleating Flock of Sheep – baaaaa.  Don’t worry, you can turn off the bleating, but I quite like it going randomly in the background, it’s homely.  Both are single prims and smoothly animated, like the rest of the Fu’s Zoo range.

The textures are a box of rather nice Celtic rug textures – make lots of lovely rugs for your home, prefabs or just to sell as they are.  Ten nice designs in circle, round and rectangular forms.

And a box of Spooky Tree textures – just like the ones I use for my best-selling box of Spooky Trees & Bushes.  These are great for Halloween, vampires, scary woods and much more!

Click on the item names to go directly to their Marketplace SL page.


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