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Craft Llama – a New Crafting Community Website

Launching today (1st Septemeber 2017) is the new crafting community website,

I was looking for a safe, friendly, fun crafting community to join and my son suggested: “why not make your own?”

Seven months, many sleepless nights and grey hairs later – I have!

Craft Llama is totally free for everyone. If you join before 1st November you will get Charter Member status with a special badge on your profile page.

Craft Llama is for everyone who likes to craft. All crafts, all ages, all nationalities, everyone!



What Am I Up To?

I have been very busy lately creating a new website.  It is craft related and I will be launching it very soon.

The website will be called – before you rush off to have a look, it currently has a “maintenance mode” sign up so I can construct away without confusing anyone.


This blog (yes, the one you are reading right now) is built using the WordPress platform.  I have to confess that sometimes WordPress and I have little arguments.  And sometimes WordPress appears to win them.  But overall I love it because it is so flexible, powerful and convenient – which is why the Tin Teddy Blog uses it!

My new site is also using WordPress but is far more complex than a blog.  I have had to learn a lot of new skills to complete it, including a crash course in both HTML and CSS code.

So what is this mysterious new Craft Llama site, I hear you say?

Well, the more observant amongst you will have noticed that the banner above includes the words “The crafting community”, so that should give you quite a large clue.

I am hoping it will be something very big and very special – made by a crafter, for crafters.

Stay tuned – Tin Teddy Blog followers will be getting special invitations to see it before everyone else – with various perks to this included.


New Theme for Tin Teddy Blog Today

Today I have changed the theme (graphical style) of the Tin Teddy Blog.

I have been using a lovely theme from Elegant Themes for the past couple of years, but sadly can no longer do so as recent changes in the way WordPress works (the software that powers the blog) means that there were problems with the way some elements of the site were displaying.

Elegant Themes do not sell their themes individually, you have to join as a subscription to get access to them. You do get access to lots of themes this way, and can continue to use any theme after your subscription ends.

I was only using one theme.  Sadly, what I hadn’t realised is that once your subscription ends, you can no longer get any updates to the theme.  So when WordPress changed last year, my theme “broke” and I just do not know enough about website scripting to be able to fix it myself.

I could not justify paying for another year just to fix this one theme.  I do not want more themes and paying again for something I already paid quite a lot for, well that was not palatable.  Elegant Themes is no doubt great value for money if you want a lot of themes.  But if you only want one..  I now know it can be a very expensive option.

So I chose to change to a different theme, Adelle.  Which has meant some earlier posts are a bit wonky now as they use elements that were only available for Elegant Theme themes.

I am going through the blog and updating things right now.  It will take a few days to get everything tidy, plus there are a few other changes I want to make whilst I am at it.

Please bear with me if you see any “wonkyness”.  It should all be tidy again soon.

Thank you to all my regular readers.

Etsy Shop Critique and Review – now available

After a lot of preparation and research I am finally able to offer the Tin Teddy Shop Critique and Review for Etsy shop owners.

I will look over your shop in detail, looking at all areas including your product range and prices.

You will receive a professionally formatted, multipage document in both .DOCX (Microsoft W0rd) and .PDF formats – other formats available if required.

My aim is to offer genuinely useful, practical advice.  I will not just say what I think could be changed but explain how to actually change it – something that I know many sellers want rather than a simple critique.

The report will include illustrations  such as photos and screenshots. These will not be used to “flesh out” the report but where I think they are genuinely useful.

There will also be links to items in your shop (so you can be sure which I am talking about, these are usable if you have printed out the report too), links to Etsy policies or guidelines where required and links to tutorials, blog posts and resources that I think could be of use to you.

For more information see the Etsy listing for the Tin Teddy Etsy Shop Critique & Review.






Updating the Tin Teddy link network

Tin Teddy Blog Badge

Today I am working on updating the links between the various forms of social networking.

I have added the Tin Teddy Blog to Bloglovin so it is easier than every to follow – with all the other blogs you like!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Also I now have a Tin Teddy Blog Badge that you can easily add to you own blog or page – the code is at the very bottom of this page, on the right.

You may have noticed a new “Follow Me” tab over on the far right —>

This provides a quick and handy link to the various places you can find, and follow Tin Teddy.

I have been working on a proper schedule so I can ensure I am posting lots of interesting content on a regular basis.

I post daily to Tin Teddy at Tumblr, where you can see my latest crafting projects and adventures.

As well as the weekly Friday Freebie clip art image (now on week 90!) I also try to post at least one other article each week on the blog you are now reading (my main Tin Teddy blog).  Thanks to my snazzy new schedule I am hoping to increase that a little more in the next few months.

After some technical difficulties I hope to begin recording a series of video tutorials which will be posted on the Tin Teddy Videos channel on YouTube.

Thank you again to everyone who contacts me about the blog and other Tin Teddy sites. I do love hearing from you and appreciate your kind words.  If there is anything you would like me to write an article on, or if you would like to write a guest article, please don’t hesitate to contact me!





Don’t Forget to follow Tin Teddy on Tumblr

Tin Teddy on Tumblr

Have you checked out the Tin Teddy Tumblr blog yet?

Here I regularly post images of my crafty creations, bargain buys and things I think will interest my followers.

It is a fun mixture of card making, art journals, knitting and crochet, ATCs, sewing, painting, papercrafts of all sorts and more!

I do a lot of different crafts and love sharing my creations (and failures!) with others – and of course enjoying seeing their adventures and creations too!

There are thousands of fantastic blogs on Tumblr, on every subject you can imagine.  I have found so many exciting tutorials, projects, ideas and inspiration from the many wonderful craft bloggers that I follow and find.


Tin Teddy at Etsy: 1000 Sales – Thank you!

Tin Teddy 1000 Sales

A huge thank you to all the customers of my Tin Teddy graphics shop on Etsy.

During the night I passed the big 1,000 sales mark, what a lovely thing to wake up to 🙂

The shop now has 52 different packs of digital papers, 52 packs of clip art images and 66 different digital collage sheets and other items.  A grand total of 170 products.

I am still adding the products to the new stand-alone Tin Teddy website store, soon that will have the full range too – and a range of smaller “bite sized” packs for when you just require a few images at a time.

I will also take this opportunity to thank those people who email me about this blog – I love hearing from you!  It makes me feel very happy to know that so many of you have found my articles of use.   I have a lot planned for the future, including more tutorials.

If you have any suggestions for new products for the shop, or things you would like me to cover in the blog, please do let me know.

A big thank you again to all my wonderful customers!

Tin Teddy 1000 Sales Character


New Shop Coming Very Soon!

Tin Teddy Graphics Shop

I have been very busy and am proud to announce that on Saturday, the 5th of April 2014, I will opening my new stand-alone website graphics shop.

The new shop will start off stocking the same wide range of digital papers, digital clip art and digital collage sheets as can currently be found in my shop on Etsy – at the same prices, of course!

I should be able to offer more buying options and special offers via this platform, as well as including videos and more images.

Later in the year I will be adding a range of smaller packs of graphics to the store, ideal when you just want a few images rather than a big set.

And there are more things to come after that, but I will keep them secret for now – it is more fun that way!

The new Tin Teddy graphics shop will stock:

  • original clip art for crafters, ideal for scrapbooking and card making
  • digital papers in US Letter, Standard A4 and scrapbooking 12″ x 12″ formats
  • digital collage sheets with beautiful original and vintage images in circles, squares, ovals, dominoes, tags and more
  • printable paper dolls

I am always open to suggestions for new items or new lines, so please do contact me if there is something you need for your crafting and think I may be able to create.  If I use your idea I will send you the item, for free, before adding it to the shop!

Major Update in Progress

I am swapping the Tin Teddy blog over to a new theme, which I hope will be smarter and easier to navigate and enjoy.

Please excuse any oddities whilst I finish setting everything up.  Some of the features require a bit of testing 🙂

Most Exciting Visitors to Tin Teddy Shop…….

Like many businesses, my websites and Etsy shops are analyzed by Google Analytics so I can find out things like what countries visitors come from, how long they stay on particular pages and whether some pages are being ignored or even have broken links.


This morning I checked my Tin Teddy Etsy shop Google Analytics and got a big surprise.

When looking at the ‘Real Time’ figures, which shows who is looking at the site right now, only to discover that 41 people from the International Space Station were checking out my graphics!


Sadly this is just an April Fools prank by the guys at Google, and the Etsy forums are a-buzz with other shop keepers who were also getting excited at the thought of such exotic visitors.

Thanks for the giggle, Google 🙂

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