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Do I use my own products?

Tin Teddy Hound Dogs Clip Art

Someone asked me today ‘Do you use your own graphics in your crafting then?’

Well – a BIG yes!  That is why I started making them, hehe

Back in 1993 my sister visited her penfriend in America.  On her return she excitedly told me about this new US craze, called scrapbooking.  She had a couple of magazines and a few supplies and we were both instantly hooked!

At first it was very hard to find things like acid free paper.  If you asked about this in a craft shop you got expressions of ‘You what?’  We discovered that sugar craft paper was safe, so that featured heavily in our original pages.  My sister had an actual 12inch scrapbook, I just had an A4 sized 4-ring binder.

Years passed, and scrapbook materials became available more easily over here in the UK.. and my scrapbooking stash also grew!

Never satisfied …

But sometimes I couldn’t find what I wanted.  And sometimes I wanted to make a last minute gift card and just didn’t have the images I really wanted.. and it was too late to go buy them.

I had been making various sorts of computer graphics for a while, it was something I really enjoyed.  So the obvious solution was to make things I could they use for crafting.  I needed some wooden papers for a handy-man type scrapbook page… so the TT Wooden Papers were born.  I wanted something super groovy for a page about growing up in the 70’s – queue the first TT Groovy Rings Papers and so on.

From 2004 I was making textures for creators in the virtual world of Second Life to use in their building.  Since then my Tin Teddy Textures shop (which is now in both Second Life and Inworldz) has many hundreds of packs of textures – of all sorts.

Now, you know what happens when you make things, don’t you?  Friends and family want them too.   My mother is a very talented card-maker, and I made various things for her.  She has made some really stunning creations with my graphics, and never ceases to amaze me with her imagination.  She is also my best critic, she is honest and makes great suggestions for new sets.  Thanks mum! *hug*

In the past few weeks I have:

  • decorated various pieces of cardboard dolls’ furniture using TT Wooden Papers

So yes, I certainly do use my own graphics, and will be including examples of things I have made with them as part of the Etsy listings – so you can get a few ideas for your own creations.

And of course I will be continuing to use Tin Teddy graphics – and creating new sets, both because I will need new things! and from the many ideas I get for new sets from customers, friends, mum and the world around me.


Guard lions and tigers and wolves… (oh my?)

My various Guard animals have been very good sellers in Second Life since I first released them a couple of years ago.

The Guard Dogs were released first, followed by the Guard Big Cats.  It was quite a while before the Cats, Puppies and Dragonlings were created, and the Dragons and Fantasy Animals and People were only released in the last few months.

Top Twelve Guard Animals

I thought it might be fun to see which was the most popular.  So here is the list of the top twelve best selling Tin Teddy Guard Animals so far:

Top Dog – Tin Teddy Grey Wolf Guard Dog
  1. Grey Wolf
  2. White Tiger
  3. Rottweiler
  4. Doberman
  5. Male Lion
  6. White Wolf
  7. Black Wolf
  8. German Shepherd
  9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  10. Panther
  11. Black Cat
  12. Great Dane

The Guard Dragons have been selling very well, will the Guard Dogs still be ruling the roost this time next year?



Three new packs of tree textures in Second Life and Inworldz..

Today I have added three more packs of my Tin Teddy plant textures for those of you who want to create your own trees, or use them in the creation of prefabs etc.

The sets are:
Autumn Trees
American Trees (Pack 1)
Oriental Trees

The plant textures are exactly the same as I use in my popular 3d trees and plants, and are neat alpha images and very detailed.

The new textures are available from my Second Life Tin Teddy Textures store in Trabushkja, and my Inworldz Tin Teddy Textures store.  They are also available from the Second Life Marketplace:

The tree textures are neatly centred so they work perfectly when making trees with flat prims or sculpties.

I will be adding more plant textures to the stores in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.


Tryst – Stunning new Second Life from Bits and Bobs Animations

The secret meeting of two lovers, united in a beautiful, romantic dance.. that is Tryst.

Tryst – © 2012 – Bits and Bobs Animations

The newest slow dance from Bits and Bobs Animation is Craig Altman’s latest masterpiece.

If you enjoy dancing in Second Life then this beautiful new creation is a must.

Choose from two different speed settings, a 40 second loop dance, or a slower 50 second version for those particularly romantic moments.

Available as a transfer version from the Bits and Bobs store in Second Life (where you can also try the demo balls) or direct from Marketplace SL in two versions:

Tryst – Transfer version – L$375

Tryst Club – Copyable version – L$800

Tryst © 2012 Bits and Bobs Animation

A Dragony Day

I had a mild migraine today (yay) so was up and about earlier than usual, and in super raring to create mode.  Lots got done, I feel suitably smug now.

The Blue Guard Dragon

It has been a while since I added much to my Second Life stock, so today I was very busy working on a range of Tin Teddy Guard Dragons.

The existing Guard Animals are great sellers, there are Guard Dogs, Guard Puppies, Guard Cats, Guard Big Cats and Guard Dragonlings (baby dragons) already.  So I thought it was about time that I added ‘the big guns’.

There are 8 big dragons and a Guard Gryphon too.



Who on earth is Elgyfu?

Elgyfu Wishbringer

So who is this Elgyfu person then?  You may see the name on various parts of thiswebsite.  If you end up in the Second Life related area you definitely will.

In a (virtual) land, far, far, away …

On 25 November 2004 I created an account in the virtual world of Second Life and Elgyfu Wishbringer was born.  I chose the surname Wishbringer because it seemed a positive sort of name and back then you had to choose from a small selection that continually changed.  I later was informed I sounded like ‘a fairy prostitute’ – charming!

The picture at the top of the page is how my Second Life avatar looks now.

I will give a little history of Elgyfu in Second Life another time.  In seven and a half years a LOT has happened to her!  For now let’s just say that she set up a shop called Tin Teddy – selling textures, animals, plants, prefabs and Egyptian items for the residents to buy and use 🙂

She gets around…

I kept the Elgyfu Wishbringer name when I registered for various other virtual worlds:

Elgyfu in St Paul's Cathedral, Twinity
Elgyfu in St Paul’s Cathedral, Twinity

12 May 2007 – I hope to eventually make a few things to sell in IMVU but have to admit it is not really my cup of tea

17 November 2008 – Twinity, I have 2 appartments in this virtual Berlin world but until today when I checked my account was still there, I had not logged in for nearly 3 years!

9 September 2009 – I created an Elgyfu account in Blue Mars. Sadly I found this world rather lacking in things to do and people to talk to, so have rarely logged on there.

13 July 2010 – I have a Tin Teddy store in Inworldz selling my textures

31 January 2011 – In Avination I shared an island with Craig Altman from Bits & Bobs (Second Life’s best animator).  We scrapped the island in the summer, sadly Avination is not a busy world. I still have my textures there, and can sell directly to people if they contact me.

2011 – Spoton3D – I don’t know the exact date and my profile says it is sometime in 1970!  Since going to this world I have been naked, pure white and unable to dress or change this.  Mind you, it is not embarassing as there is never anyone around there 🙁

So Elgyfu exists in many places, but is really only ‘active’ in Second Life and Inworldz now.

Oh yes, and Elgyfu is my middle name in real life.




Here We Go Again..

Today I finally got new web-hosting with GoDaddy, and therefore am able to have a WordPress blog – big Yay!

Of course now I will have to copy all my previous stuff over, as it will finally be searchable and linkable, phew.

I have been very busy updating my website to be able to make this move, and take advantage of the cool new features and opportunities of the new hosting.  The Second Life part of the site is also now finished.

I re-built my local history site on the families and history of the village of Turvey in Bedfordshire over the winter and that has also been moved over.

Parrots, Duck and… a Baby Elephant

Originally posted on 3 March 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

Four new items up for sale in my Second Life store, and on Marketplace SL today.

Two macaws – cute parrots.  They come with free single-prim sculty parrot stands, or you can perch them in trees, on furniture – whereever you please.

One is a Blue and Yellow Macaw and the other a Scarlet Macaw.

Plus a slightly sleepy Mallard Duck and a cute Baby Elephant.

All are smoothly animated and a single prim – like the other creatures in my popular Fu’s Zoo range.  They are copyable so you can rez as many as you wish.

Click any of the creature’s names to go to their Marketplace SL listings

New Things on Second Life Marketplace

Originally posted on 23 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

It’s been a while since I added any new items to the Second Life Marketplace *slaps wrist*

Today we have 2 woolly animals and 2 packs of textures (I couldn’t think of a connection between those though).

The animals are a Young Sheep and a cute Bleating Flock of Sheep – baaaaa.  Don’t worry, you can turn off the bleating, but I quite like it going randomly in the background, it’s homely.  Both are single prims and smoothly animated, like the rest of the Fu’s Zoo range.

The textures are a box of rather nice Celtic rug textures – make lots of lovely rugs for your home, prefabs or just to sell as they are.  Ten nice designs in circle, round and rectangular forms.

And a box of Spooky Tree textures – just like the ones I use for my best-selling box of Spooky Trees & Bushes.  These are great for Halloween, vampires, scary woods and much more!

Click on the item names to go directly to their Marketplace SL page.


Confused SL Resident

Originally posted on 8 February 2012 – reposted on new blog on 20 April 2012

If you are a returning visitor to the Tin Teddy website, you are probably thinking ‘Blimey, what happened?’

I have redisgned the site, to incorporate my new range of graphics for crafters, which are currently available from my Etsy shop.

The old Second Life part of the website is still intact, and can be reached from the links on the front page.  I will be redoing the Second Life section totally as soon as I can.

Post Edit – the Second Life part of the site is now about 75% completed – 20 April 2012

Post Edit – the Second Life part is now complete 🙂