A New Look for Tin Teddy on Etsy

This week Etsy rolled out a  significant new look for seller’s shops.

Now my Tin Teddy shop on Etsy looks like this…



Previously it looked like this.


The biggest differences are that the product pictures are bigger (a good thing!) but reviews and polices are now on the front page (which seems unnecessary to me and distracts from the products).

Sellers have a choice of using the new, huge!, “cover pictures”, as I have done, using their old banners (which do no show at all on mobile devices) or having no cover or banner.

I am trying the cover picture for now on this shop.  My Antique Dog Prints vintage shop on Etsy still has the old small banner up.  I will wait a while to see how people respond to the changes before settling on one or the other for good.

Tin Teddy Vintage is now.. Antique Dog Prints – Etsy shop name change

After two years of trading as Tin Teddy Vintage, I have now rebranded my Etsy vintage prints shop with the new name of Antique Dog Prints.AntiqueDogPrintsCard

I already owned the dot com for this name, and as I sell over 90% vintage dog prints, it made sense to change the shop name.  I will still stock a few other animal prints now and then but it will definitely be mainly dogs, as before.

I currently have 53 original, antique and vintage dog prints on offer in the shop and will continue to add more.  I have a very large collection of prints as I have been collecting for many years.  My house, however, is very tiny so I am only able to display a few.  Hence the decision to sell my significant surplus prints so they can go to new homes where they can be enjoyed.

If you are looking for a particular breed, do let me know as I may have it, waiting to be listed.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Tin Teddy Vintage in 2015 and I hope that Antique Dog Prints continues to thrive in 2016.

Tin Teddy Vintage at Etsy now accepts credit cards!

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T [/dropcap]he Tin Teddy Vintage shop on Etsy now accepts the Etsy Direct Checkout which means you can easily pay for your dog prints with your credit card.  Obviously I still accept Paypal too.

And an extra bonus is print lovers can use their Etsy Gift Cards in the shop too!

I am currently restocking the shop with lots of new, beautiful dog prints from the 1930s and earlier.
I still have a few of the lovely North American animal prints by Louis Aggasiz Fuertes.

Tin Teddy Vintage Long

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New vintage dog print shop off to a good start…

It has been two weeks now since I opened the Tin Teddy Vintage shop on Etsy, and I am pleased to say that things are going very well.

I have sold my first two prints and there are now 60 different vintage and antique prints on offer in the store.

Which dog breed do you think is being searched for the most in the shop?

It is the schnauzer, not what I would have expected at all!  I look forward to seeing the statistics once the shop has been open a few months.  Will the schnauzer keep his early lead or not….

I am planning to add some pages to the website with more details on the various dog artists whose prints I am selling.

My print mount collection…

My personal favorite artist is George Vernon Stokes, who’s charming watercolors are so full of character.

It can be quite hard to part with some of these prints, but I only have limited room so my personal collection should be quite small.


Tin Teddy Vintage – Original antique and vintage dog prints

Yesterday evening I opened the new Etsy store – Tin Teddy Vintage.

In this shop I will be specializing in antique and vintage dog prints.

Currently the shop has 18 beautiful, original 1935 prints by C. Francis Wardle.

I will be adding lots more, a few a day.  I have been collecting dog prints for quite a while and have a LOT to list, of all breeds 🙂

These Wardle prints are particularly nice.  I have mounted them in simple, classy black mats.

The Bull Terrier was even featured in a Cats & Dogs Treasury already!

I particularly like Wardle’s spaniel pictures – see the Cocker Spaniel picture in this post.

I do hope these lovely prints are going to prove popular.

Update: 30 December 2015 –  I have now renamed this shop as Antique Dog Prints.

Working on new shop – Tin Teddy Vintage opening very soon!

Betty the Half-Mannequin

I am finally in a position to announce that I will be opening my second Etsy shop this weekend.

The Tin Teddy graphics shop on Etsy has been doing well, I am quite proud.  I have 98 packs of graphics available and have been getting regular sales.  I will of course still be working hard on creating new graphics and related items for this shop.

The new shop will be for vintage items.  This was something I have been planning for a long time, and am finally ready to go for it!

Tin Teddy Vintage will initially open with a range of a specific item – I will wait to tell you what that is (don’t ya love a mystery?)

The observant amongst you will no doubt spot a clue or two on this website before hand anyway.

Once the shop is up and running I will be adding a second type of item – and my new mannequin, Betty, will feature in this.  She is technially only half a mannequin, she has no legs or arms.  But she is pretty and we have finally stopped jumping out of our skins every time we come into the room and spot her 🙂  Post on my Tin Teddy Facebook with what you think Betty will be used for – and if you are the first person to be correct, you can choose any 5 packs of Tin Teddy graphics as a prize.